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Principles of Michael Boettcher

President of the company Storm International, Michael Boettcher - a man of passion. Almost 45 years he gave up the gaming industry, and the last 25 years has managed the entertainment centers Shangri La, Storm Casinos and others. That is what he says about his work and gambling sphere.

The game is not a crime. Some people like gambling, why should they be banned?

When players lose, they are very upset; eventually you get used to it. And in the rest, running a casino is the same business, as well as all the others. You also worry about your customers and your staff.

Once, I lost my three-month salary in the casino - a large sum for my personal income. I then worked in London, and I had to live 50 pence a day. I went to work on foot, borrowed money from my girlfriend. It was a wonderful lesson.

I did not like the way the managers treated me. When I worked as a croupier, they could yell at me for the slightest mistake, call me a dumbass. This is the worst thing that you can tell anyone. Therefore, in my company, I do not encourage such an attitude.

I never dismiss anyone - people can quit only if they do not follow the rules set by the company. If you do not come to work and do not call, it means that you do not want to work.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. According to statistics, the casino gets about 20% of the money that is involved in the game during the year. And if you played for $ 100 a year, you will eventually lose an average of $ 20.

Most people I know will not even play one dollar. They think that this is a pretty stupid occupation.

People have always played and will play. Even in the Stone Age, they probably sat at a stone table and made bets - there will be a dinosaur or not. And put at stake, for example, their women. You cannot stop this. It is better to create comfortable controlled conditions for the game than to produce illegal operators.

In recent years, the empire of Mr. Boettcher has grown. And thanks to strong management and the company’s CEO, Darren Keane, Shangri La is popular throughout the CIS.

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