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How to buy bitcoin with prepaid Visa?

How to buy bitcoin with prepaid Visa?

A prepaid Visa card is not a very usual thing people choose when buying bitcoin, because very few bitcoin exchanges allow you to use a prepaid Visa card. First thing, not every exchange accepts a credit or debit card, and then even those who accept credit/debit cards, seldom accept a prepaid card. So, you should note that if you want to buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa, your options are minimal. Secondly, there are many types of prepaid cards. Even the major brands, like Visa and Mastercard, offer many types of prepaid cards under more than one sub-brand. And if you take the countries in consideration, you’re dealing with literally unlimited variations of prepaid cards. That alone makes it next to impossible for any exchange for accepting each type of prepaid cards, as there is no universal standard of prepaid cards when it comes to online purchasing, unlike credit cards. But that does not mean you cannot buy bitcoin with prepaid visa, https://casherbox.com accepts most types of the prepaid visa card and offers you bitcoin and other crypto coins to purchase.

Pros and cons of using a prepaid visa to buy bitcoin:

Using a prepaid visa would be beneficial for people who want to prefer online security most. If you use credit or debit card for online shopping, sooner or later your card details would be in hand of some cybercriminals, unless you follow every step of security guidelines very strictly. And nowadays, most banks offer overdraft facility when you’re using a debit card, meaning that you can use your debit card just like a credit card. However, with a prepaid card, you can be assured that nobody would be able to fetch more fund from your card than the amount preloaded already, even if the data get stolen. So, in that sense, a prepaid card is more secure than a traditional credit or debit card.

But there’s not all green on the field. Apart from the fact that almost no exchange you would be able to find which allow each type of prepaid card available in the market, there are few other downsides too. First, unless reloadable, a prepaid card has limited preloaded amount and you won’t be able to use that card once the balance gets spent entirely. Then you need to link another prepaid card in your exchange account, which is a time-consuming process in most cases. Some exchanges even want a photo of a card and a selfie of yours holding the same card whenever you want to link a new card in your account, even if you’re already a verified member, to begin with. In short, using a prepaid visa card to buy bitcoin is not a hassle-free way to do so. Unless you’re paranoid with security, using a low limit credit card would be the best option if you want to enjoy the convenience of using cards.

There’s another major problem of using a prepaid card. As the name suggests, it’s a prepaid card; hence it comes with almost zero guarantees of fund recovery in case of a fraud charge. Though you have all the right to chargeback any fraud charge, the success rate is insignificant enough to discourage anybody from chasing for the small preloaded amount.

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