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inp-software Outsourcing Industry in Ukraine reaches 20% growth annually


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Outsourcing Industry in Ukraine reaches 20% growth annually

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Software industry in Ukraine is one of the most growing and rapidly developing sectors of the economy. The IT industry of Ukraine is distinguished by rich history and merits. In 1951 Sergey Lebedev, the Ukrainian academician from Kyiv, introduced the first computer in the entire Continental Europe. Since 2000 Ukraine has been a leading player in the IT industry and has been ranked at the top of software outsourcing service providers in Eastern and Central European region. Due to strong R&D heritage, popularity of engineering professions among the youth, quality engineering education, innovation and European approach to business make Ukraine the most attractive location for IT outsourcing.

The main trends of the IT industry in Ukraine

The main trends of the IT outsourcing service and software development in Ukraine:

  • • Ukraine is in Gartner’s List of Top 30 Outsourcing locations.
  • • The number of IT graduates and IT specialists working in the industry has reached 25,000 people with 20% growth.
  • • 20 major IT educational centers produce about 30,000 IT-graduates annually. According to Global IT IQ Report by BrainBench, Ukraine is the 4th in Top 10 countries with the most certified IT professionals.
  • • The Ukrainian governmental support promote industry growth due to tax exemptions for software development and public financing for IT companies.
  • • The IT industry is developing at a rapid pace of 20 %-25 % growth a year, while a lot of new companies are opening their R&D offices in Ukraine.
  • • 70% of Ukrainian IT specialists (over 4,000 companies) work for European companies. 90% of the industry is oriented towards external markets.
  • • European IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2010-11 finds that Ukraine is the most favorable place for companies seeking to outsource their entire IT function and components.
The industry actively penetrates into different regions. The capital of Ukraine Kyiv is among the 25 safest cities for offshore outsourcing. A range of new companies appeared in so-called "unpopular" regions, such as Chernigiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Zhytomyr.

Among the companies that deserve your attention is INP-Software. It is a young but rapidly developing company, that has achieved substantial success in recent years. Due to strong experience and highly educated professional staff, client-oriented approach, coupled with competitive price, the company managed to take a well-deserved place on the IT market and win the respect among customers.

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inp-software Outsourcing Industry in Ukraine reaches 20% growth annually
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