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Put a vegetable plot in your garden

Автор: Оксана Загороднюк, 04.04.2022, 15:34:34 Put a vegetable plot in your garden

Many models of vegetable beds exist for sale, they are offered in kit form and you just have to assemble them. But it is very easy to make it yourself, at least for the most classic model.

Types of vegetable plots

Everyone knows the classic vegetable patch, the one that consists of 4 beds placed on the ground. But there are squares and squares!

  • The basic model is made up of 4 boards of 1.20 m and 20 to 40 cm high, fixed together. It can be embellished with a flat edge that allows you to sit down to work, and to put down your tools, buckets, etc. Its dimensions (and therefore its shape) can vary depending on its location and your desires, but it is important not to exceed a width of 1.20, unless you have long arms! Indeed, it is a size studied to be able to access all the vegetables, including those which are planted in the center of the square.
  • You can also find similar models but raised, more comfortable and which allow you to install vegetables with deeper roots.
  • The raised vegetable plots like this particular model https://gartendek.fr/carre-potager/ are spreading everywhere. They allow you to garden standing up and are therefore the most comfortable for people with back or knee problems.
  • Each of these models can be equipped with a structure to accommodate a wintering veil, or even a removable greenhouse in good and due form.
  • There are also multi-stage models.

Make a vegetable patch

The vegetable plot is most often built of wood (this must be chosen untreated), but many other materials allow the realization of the basic model: wicker, stone, bricks, metal, plants (boxwood, santolina, etc.).

For the basic model, you will therefore need 4 boards 1.20 m long by 20 cm high and 20 mm thick, 4 angle irons and stainless steel screws for wood or chipboard. For more robustness, you can add 4 cleats with a square section of 50 mm which will form the corners, and on which the boards will be fixed. The grid is made by putting nails on the 4 edges of the square, at intervals of 40 cm, which will be used to hang string. This grid can also be made of wood using thin cleats.

The vegetable bed on feet requires, in addition to the materials for the base bed, section posts, cleats to join the feet, battens to fix the bottom, boards with a minimum thickness of 2 mm for the bottom, a drilled tarpaulin (for drainage). For the feet, calculate the height well and plan if necessary a small margin to bury them. Secure your planks in a square with the section posts then attach the battens to the bottom of the planks that will be used to hold the bottom planks. These will be slightly spaced so that the water drains easily. Finally attach the tarp to the bottom boards, making it go up the sides.


Автор: Оксана Загороднюк, редактор рубрики "Будинок та затишок" на ЖЖ.info
Будинок та затишок | 04.04.2022 | Переглядів: 2157 | огород, растения, сад

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