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A new word in storage of things during travels - luggage storage from “Your luggage” in Lviv

A new word in storage of things during travels - luggage storage from “Your luggage” in Lviv

If you traveled to the USA and Europe, you probably saw services that can greatly help travelers who want to calmly see the city and not to drag large bags. Now luggage storage Lviv is also available, and tourists will not need to think about such trifles as storage. Just leave the luggage in the nearest branch, paying the minimum money, and take it away whenever you want.

Lviv is a large tourist city, therefore it is not surprising that such a service quickly gained popularity in it. The storage service makes life easier not only for tourists, but also for Lviv residents. The company "Your Baggage" was opened not so long ago, but due to the fact that it offers one of the most popular services consisting in individual storage of things, potential customers quickly appreciated it.

If you do not know where to temporarily hide things or arrange an improvised warehouse, then thanks to professional help, the problem will be solved quickly and with minimal investment. When there are a lot of things on hand, a walk ceases to be exciting. Why starve yourself into training with a heavy backpack? You can rent a cell and pay the minimum amount, do your own thing.

Surely, many are familiar with the situation when you went too far with luggage during the trip. There is simply nowhere to store things. In this case, you can leave everything under the vigilant control of professionals. They will ensure complete safety of luggage, as they guard the facility around the clock. And for all this you need to pay a minimum rate of 20 to 50 hryvnias per day.

At the same time, all unforeseen cases are excluded. So, for example, in Russia not so long ago there was a situation when a child locked himself in a locker room in a shopping center. A ten-year-old boy, who is the son of a store employee, accidentally closed himself in a cell. One of the visitors to the trading floor heard the cries of the child for help and broke down the castle. The child was in order, but was very scared. Proper storage of things and round-the-clock video surveillance of what is happening in the cameras eliminates such situations. In addition, increased security measures insure against unscrupulous employees. Cells are opened only by the owners. The main thing is to pay on time for the storage services prescribed in the contract. If the user is in arrears with a payment, his cell might be open. This happened with the inhabitants of Odessa, who for several months overdue the fees for the services of one of these companies. As a result, their belongings were disposed of. But in this regard, Lviv is more loyal, and the company “Your Baggage” conclude the agreement on such points at the stage of drawing up the contract. So the problem of temporary storage of things is solved in a few minutes.

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