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Call centers

Автор: Оксана Загороднюк, 06 Мая 2020, 20:10:37 Call centers

Call center or contact center is an operational group responsible for interaction with consumers or the general public. This can consist of voice phone calls, emails, chats or social media engagement. BPO is a third party service provider that handles any operations or responsibilities that a company is unable or unwilling to do in-house. Call center performs that part of a client/ business which involves handling telephone calls. For example might handle customer complaints, coming in over a telephone. BPO call center is a workplace where people either take calls or make calls. Taking call is called inbound call center where making call is called outbound call center. A call center refers to a center that specifically handles calls i.e. telephone based traffic. It is a kind of back up for a business solution to receive and process a call for another organization.

A call center may also refer to a type of BPO set up where a client gets a remote team to handle its customer service hotlines and attend the client’s customer on its behalf. Business process outsourcing includes not only calls but it is an organization that receives outsourcing full-fledged activity for another organization not limited to only calls it may be transaction processing services.

BPO is a term used for all legal agreements that allow a third-party agent to perform certain non-core responsibilities such as: customer services and human resources management- in exchange for money.

On itself, the industry seemingly hasn’t changed much over the past decades. But that would be massively underestimating the diversification of task that typical BPOs are now faced with.

What once was all phone support for USA time zones, has now blossomed into an entire world of niche industry and job expectations.

From 3D motion graphics, to medical encoding, to software development - the Philippines is responsible for outsourced tasks from all across the world, doing an entire range of skills and tasks.

So for a ‘traditional BPO’ and other call center companies, the path of staying relevant has become difficult. How could one continue to claim ‘expertise’ of so many different industries?

That is where BPOSeats.com aims to change the game - by creating a platform wherein clients from around the world can cookie-cut and create their own BPO solutions. It starts with a serviced office, and then hand-chosen staff dedicated to your business.

We have unlocked the ability to start your team today!

Автор: Оксана Загороднюк
Украина | 06 Мая 2020 | Просмотров: 1860 | Колл-центр, информация, работа

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